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How differing size-charts of various retail brands affects consumer retailing experience?

Shopping for clothes, however enticing it may be is always accompanied by the dreaded dressing room trip or should we say trips. It’s just not possible to simply pick up your favorite dress and get going to the billing counter. You might feel confident by seeing the size on the item but it’s hardly an indicator of whether it will fit you or not. Thanks to different sizing that is followed by different brands or even within the same brand, you are certainly not just imagining the stark difference in the sizes of clothing items. And all this is impacting on the customer’s shopping experience.

Effects on consumer psychology

Research done by Tammy Kinley, a Ph.D. holder who is an Associate Professor at the University of North Texas, showed how participants of his experiment felt positive about their body and felt an improved sense of self-esteem when they could fit into smaller size clothing.

To add to this, we have different sizing that different brands prefer to follow making your task to find that perfect fitting jeans even more cumbersome. At times we might fit into a size 4 of a particular brand while we might need a size 6 or even 8 in some other brand. As a consumer, it can get really annoying having to reach for the trial room for every piece of dress we buy just because our shopping cart doesn’t have clothing from one single brand, or at times even if it does.

And, to your bad luck, if you decide to take home that pretty dress of ‘your size’ without trying it, there is a high possibility you might have to get back for replacement. This is not just a waste of time but the whole process of exchanging and dealing with the retail employees is way too stressful spoiling the whole experience of shopping.

Being a customer, our woes don’t end here. This discord in sizing gets bothersome when we finally fit into a piece of clothing but don’t get the color of our choice or design of our choice. It’s no fun having to run for help to the retail employees to get ‘that’ particular dress in ‘that’ particular colour you like.

What can be done to fix this aberration?

The best possible solution to this problem could be to have standardized sizing across all brands the way mattresses come in standard sizes. This will in one shot solve most of the sizing related problems. But it is easier said than done.

Armoi is possibly the best option that is available to consumers today, that not just allows online shopping but the AI powered technology gives a whole new meaning to shopping. The technologically advanced platform, on which Armoi is built, is driven by Artificial Intelligence this allows users to have a shopping experience that is similar to retail shopping but without the hassles of dealing with sizing problems, or having to dig through to find the dress of their choice of a particular colour.

To help shoppers leave behind all the frustration coming out of a retail shopping experience, Armoi has come just at the right time for all the shopaholics to finally start enjoying shopping again.

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