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Powering Fashion with 3D Mapping and Visualization Technology

Days of uncertainty are behind us. From photorealistic garment simulation to interactive fashion brochures and configurators; the modern fashion industry now offers extraordinary immersive services to fit your diverse taste in personal style. With the advent of artificial intelligence powered technologies, visual data has become more important than ever.

3D rendering and mapping can create potential customer's avatar on the go so they can see themselves dressed in the clothes they so much desire. This empowers them to make on the spot decision if a particular style goes with their personality and individual taste. Online fashion shopping has never been easier and less hassle free.

Similarly, virtual reality and augmented reality are new media of human experience with a strong potential to become a stable channel for brand consumer interaction. The technology has been successfully used by the mighty fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger to give their walk in customers an amazing 360 degree virtual experience of seasonal fashion shows. Many other renowned brands such as Forever 21 and GAP are also tapping in the uncharted waters of virtual visual exhibition to enhance the shopping experience of their loyal customers.

And this is just a beginning, the industry of visual experiences is estimated to grow to $130 billion by 2025 and any consumer space not exploiting this exciting new channel will put itself at a competitive disadvantage. The importance of visual data and interaction with customers through visual experiences and digital assistants will eventually become paramount to any retail or online business. They say seeing is believing, when customers will have a choice with one brand to ensure the size and style is to their liking with a visual confirmation, why would they go with another brand that fails to provide similar visual certainty?

Another highly sought after aspect of visual experience based shopping is the ability to share. Utility of technology is always there but when you go beyond personal experience and share what you had with your family and friends, the real value of visual experience kicks in. It’s not just you anymore but everyone you love. We at Armoi are committed to stay ahead of the curve providing our customers with the visual satisfaction of tailored personalization backed by our exceptional AI driven digital platform.

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