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Personalisation in Fashion and Retail Industry

Technology is playing a big role in everyone’s life in today’s era; therefore it shouldn’t be a surprise that it has crept into the intensely creative fashion industry too. This new aspect has been very instrumental in personalising clothing and accessories for individual customers to their satisfaction. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being actively used by retailers to help their customers make better fashion choices with the utmost ease and comfort.

Technology has become the focal point for many fashion houses such as Tommy Hilfiger, Farfetch, and Asos to take their businesses to the next level. AI powered systems are so sophisticated that they now enable users to find a piece of clothing with the help of just a photograph. AI has certainly taken the level of competition up by at least five notches fast forwarding their path to greater success, stronger brand name & goodwill, and best in class customer satisfaction.

AI is changing the face of fashion industry

AI has brought about a large number of positive changes in the fashion industry; take for instance the AI assistants or the Chatbots that is being used widely by many online retailers to help their consumers find what they are looking for. These chatbots interact with the users and answer their queries effortlessly without any human intervention.

Just last year, Amazon revealed that its researchers were working on algorithms that can study various images, such as a celebrity wearing a trendy outfit, and design new outfits that are similar to the one in the image.

Many brands these days are finding it a better option to have AI enabled in-store assistants to help customers around the store in the most efficient way possible. These top-of-the-technology assistants can receive, understand and respond appropriately to human language. Stores like Macy’s have developed Macy’s On Call application that can respond to customers looking for a particular dress or some accessories matching the outfit they have chosen.

How can Armoi power the retailers to deliver best-in-class AI driven personalised wardrobes?


Many new tech businesses or start-ups have noticed this big opportunity here - to integrate AI with fashion. For customers being able to try on a dress before buying is the foremost important factor that will help them make the right choices. Start-ups like Armoi, with their AI driven innovative and completely customizable technological capabilities, can be easily integrated with big brands to provide great shopping experience to their consumers. This technology provides some great features such as

- Visualisation using 3D models that will help the brands create photorealistic apparel designs quicker than ever before, and

- Virtual fitting rooms or augmented reality, that are gaining momentum in the fashion industry, that will help consumers try on clothes faster and get the correct size of clothing with just a tap on the screen.


The latest in AI technologies allow consumers to effortlessly look through dozens of merchandize of various designs, in different colours and sizes all with the help of an AI enabled smart assistant to give your customers a fabulous and personalised experience, making you their favourite brand. To survive in this competitive industry many big brands are adopting, if not already, going with the AI way to stay on top of their game and catering to their customers ever growing wants with innovation.

Armoi’s digital platform is all about implementing AI in the most unique ways to get the consumers excited about shopping and allowing them the best shopping experience, all this while keeping the profits coming in for the retailers to stay in business and succeed. Well, when the stakes are high and competition is cut-throat, being ahead of the game certainly gives the beginners advantage. And that’s what Armoi has at offer.

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