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Artificial Intelligence to transform online shopping

Are you also thumbing through the web to find best e-commerce stores? Well, then you are not the only one, many customers like you look for new ways to interact with the best online stores. Online Shopping Personalisation is the new black nowadays. It’s driving a lot of activity on online stores. When a store engages customer’s interests and prioritises their needs, engagers feel satisfied. With this personalisation, new ways can profit both, the retailers as well as customers. Nevertheless, personalisation can only go as far as the overall quality of the platform which is channelling it.

Armoi takes one step further for your ease and convenience. Gathering information about shoppers together and customising your shopping experience, they make it more interactive and convenient for all of you.

Launched in Melbourne, Australia, Armoi is one of the pioneers, who introduced the concept of utilising artificial intelligence to enable online shoppers to have a fully customised shopping experience. Artificial intelligence (AI) takes personalised shopping one step ahead. Although, there are many other platforms offering online shoppers improved ways of discovering new brands, ways of styling and products online, AI makes the experience even more customised and convenient. Using Armoi’s AI, shoppers’ customised measurements can be used to offer them specific brand and style recommendations which will be best suited to their way of style and fit.

What’s more? Well, Armoi also creates images of shoppers through its AI platform and image processing techniques, allowing prospective buyers to impose their image on to any outfit they like, and be able to get a sound idea of what they will look like in the outfit they are about to buy online without trial. Visual discovery is implicit in allowing people to discover new ways of styling and their perfect fits, which they never thought previously existed.

Personalisation is becoming increasingly limitless in the online shopping world, and Armoi is among the primary innovative platforms, bringing personalisation via artificial intelligence to the forefront.

Stay tuned for Armoi’s official launch in 2018!

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